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About Our App

Weight loss is hard. Food tracking shouldn't be.

Starting any diet is difficult, but knowing what you've eaten doesn't have to be. That's why we created Points Calculator. Our app simplifies your diet into one easy to use point value to make it easier to stay on top and achieve your weight loss goals.

Unique Point System

Our proprietary point system simplifies all the noise with dieting. Using one food score our app allows you to track a single number instead of counting many macronutrients. We also display calorie, carb, protein and fat information so you can learn how to use those as well.

Personalized For You

No more one size fits all. Our diet plans are custom tailored to your needs. We start with a quick questionaire to determine your starting point, goals and current lifestyle. Then we create a custom intake goal for you.

Progress Tracking

Our app isn't just about dieting. We allow users to track their weight, BMI and BFP to see their progress. Nothing is more motivating than feeling great and watching the pounds fall off!

Meal Builder

Use our meal builder to make it faster to log meals that you eat regularly. We allow you to create your own foods and create meals from your foods or foods from our database.

Fitbit and Apple Integrations

Integrations with Fitbit and Apple's Health App allow you to share your food data with any other apps that you are using!

Coming Soon!

We're constantly working to improve our app and provide the best user experience out there! Our team is currently working on some exciting new features including healthy recipes, expanding progress tracking and integrations! Stay tuned for more!

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